Suikoden V takes place in the Fallena Kingdom. The Female population has the power in Fallena. In the game, you play a prince, the their to the throne of  Fallena who has lived all his life as a free-spirited royal. That all ends in adventure that this game takes off on. Accompanying you will be your assistant, the master swordswoman Rionne. The game features significant enhancement from all the previous installments in the series, including 6-member battle parties, multiple mini-game, the home base system, and many other new features.



  The Seven Wonders is a group of ancient structures shrouded mystery. Legend has it that the power of long-absent gods lie within and their realese will trigger a rebirth of the Golden Age. The Seven Wonder are scattered across parched desert, frigid tundra, harsh mountains and raging seas-all remnants of a time when evil forces ran amok. Some believe the legend, others dismiss it as a fairy tale-still, adventurers strive to concuer the Seven Wonder and discover their long-entombed secrets. In the complex mosaic of human history, Iskandar has been classified as a young conquering king, a legendary hero, a ruthless tyrant, and even a dragon's descendent.